About us…


Our product, is a new concept of headphones, absolutely original, that will revolutionize the world market being a completely novely both in fashion and aesthetics.


Our headphones “Hear Rings” surpass the simple function of sound transmission to become an object of personal adornment and distinction, almost infinitely customizable and with an unlimited “target”.


Our product can be presented even with interchangeable decorative motifs, in a packaging oriented to diverse sectors (youthful feminine, masculine, styles of music, etc.) that make it an irresistible product without competition in all the sectors of consumers. It is also the perfect advertising or identification vehicle; big brands, sports clubs etc.

You will find the perfect product for your promotion. In a worldwide market of more than 300 million headsets sold annually, Hear Rings would achieve unimaginable success and compete in a clear advantage with the rest of products in the luxury or fashion market, or the merchandising market. We can produce the quantity of product that is requested.


Our product is a high quality product, both in materials and fidelity of sound,but we could also produce an average quality product, being more accessible for a sector of the consumers more interested in the price and the renovation of the product, given its ornamental quality, than in sound perfection.